Responsive Website Design Advantages

Responsive Website Design ensures your website can be viewed on all devices at all times anywhere with a Internet connection

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Mobile Friendly or Responsive website design works on all devices enabling your site to be viewed anytime anywhere.
A laptop displaying resonsive website design on various mobile devices
Technology changes quickly and the Internet is no exception. Visitors on line today use many devices to surf the web with Tablets and Smartphones being todays preferred choice.
Google now state websites that are mobile friendly (Responsive) get preferential treatment in their ratings as they give customers a more enjoyable viewing experience on line.
All of DY10’s websites including Self Management, Ecommerce Shops and Bespoke HTML5 website designs are fully responsive. This includes the admin panel on CMS

Learn A Little More About Responsive Mobile Friendy Websites

Mobile devices have become very popular with users who visit the Internet. IPhone and Samsung Smartphones lead the way. Today there are so many devices, all with screen sizes that differ so much.

To enable your website to be viewed on all these devices, a new way of web designing was needed. The answer came in many ways as you would expect, but Twitter Bootstrap is the leading format of Responsive Design. It features intelligent programing that as the device viewing gets smaller, it starts to stack the website information to the left and above each other in rows and columns. This enables you just to scroll down to view all the website information quickley. On older websites you have to scroll up, right, left and down view.

  • The Device Is Instantly Recognised

    The device connecting to the web server is instantly recognised and given the correct viewing media.

  • Less Expensive Mobile Devices

    Some cheaper mobile devices struggle at times when viewing websites with large images

You may find on some of the smaller less powerful devices, parts of your website are not seen. This is because the device simple does not have the power to handle all of the website features, this usually is a background image, but the technology is improving all the time.


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