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Mobile Responsive Design & Development

Mobile devices lead the way when it comes to visiting the Internet today. Smartphones and Tablets are the main choices with laptops and desktops still preferred by the older users. Websites now have to be flexible and deliver content to a visitor that provides a user-friendly experience. Mobile Responsive Website Design does just that. Read More

By DY10

on 26 Jan 2017, 9:40AM
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Adding an eCommerce Shop to current website

This is a question we get asked quite often. The answer is it’s down to your current websites design. If you currently have a modern responsive website design, it may be possible to add a shop style ecommerce section to your current set-up. Many CMS sites already have ecommerce solutions built in. If you have an HTML5 website with no cms, it is also possible to add a shop section. Read More

By DY10

on 27 Jan 2017, 10:30AM
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Read more on Shared and Dedicated web hosting

Web Hosting Shared or Dedicated?

Which is the best shared hosting or dedicated hosting for my business? Shared hosting is by far the most popular due to the low cost, in most cases it will provide everything and more a small business owner needs to run his website. Dedicated web hosting is more expensive and needs maintenance but is faster. Read More

By DY10

on 28 Jan 2017, 09:30AM
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