Chinese Domain Name Email Scam

Delete this email if you find it or a similar ones in your email in box

Take your time never rush when checking your emails as scammers do try it on often.

Chinese Domain Name scam just ignore it
on 22 Jan 2017, 16:35PM
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Another email scam that has been around for a long time is the Chinese Domain Name Scam. This one tries to get you to think that a Chinese company is trying to register your domain name or company name.

If you reply they will tell you a Chinese company is about to register your name with them for use in Asia. They have told them not to do so, but the company still wants to carry on register your name.

This is just a con trick to get you to buy the .cn version of your company name at prices that are very expensive.

If you do want to buy the .cn version of your company/domain name, get it from your current supplier or even go-daddy as its far cheaper and safer to purchase from those you know, than people who are deceitful from the onset.

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