Choosing Web Hosting For Small Business

Choosing the right web hosting for your business we know the answer?

Secure, Fast, Reliable Web Hosting For Small Business & Private Use

By DY10

on 26 Jan 2017, 9:40AM
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Which is the best web hosting for your business or private use, Shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting and what is the difference?

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where you occupy a space on a server with other websites. Today this is the most preferred way small business use hosting accounts as it’s a lot cheaper and for some less troublesome. Your web space is fully secure and you often get lots of free extras.

Dedicated Hosting

On dedicated hosting you get to use the entire server yourself. Its more secure and maybe faster but you have to pay for server management and extras. A dedicated server is ideal if you have a high volume ecommerce website with lots of traffic or lots of websites as you can run them off one server.

Choosing the right web hosting

Choosing the right web hosting for a small business can be tricky as there are many companies to choose from. But far to many have hidden restrictions on what bandwidth, storage and accessories they let you have to use in your account.

Some and these can be the bigger named companies who offer low prices, but when you try to load a cms system like Wordpress, you find out either there is no MYSQL Data base or its been restricted to xxmb max on upload so you cannot use it until you pay extra for another level of hosting.

If you have a small business website, with some hosting companies you might find suddenly you need to upgrade your hosting package as your bandwidth has run out, failure to do so and it will be a blank page and a message to contact the hosting company and no website until you do.

CMS websites such as Wordpress and Ecommerce sites like Joomla and shopify eat bandwidth quickly as when you connect to do updates, you are also using your bandwidth allocation.

What’s the answer to finding a great web hosting?

Shop around and do some homework on facilities being offered and if you can, always choose unlimited hosting. It may cost a little more, but worth it in the long run as moving your website to another host can be problematic, time consuming and expensive.

Most good web design companies will put you on the best hosting available at a cost that suits the package you have. If you have created a website yourself ask around, but try and go with unlimited hosting with no bandwidth restrictions.

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